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All our skin programs begin with a thorough consultation to better get to know your lifestyle, health and your skin concerns. At the time of your consultation, your therapist will prescribe you specific homecare products to support the skin and achieve the best results.

Level 1

Lira Clinical Conditioning treatments are corrective treatments to kick start your corrective skin journey. At the time of your appointment, your therapist will decide which treatment will be best to support your skin. No preparation is required and no downtime.

Conditioning treatments from $169: Add in LED Light Therapy (added cost of $65) to further optimise skin health and boost the efficacy of your treatment.

DMK Level 1 Enzyme treatments enhance optimal skin functioning, by working with internal systems to increase circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. Reverse osmosis flushes through the cells helping to clear toxins and free radicals while stimulating collagen. Level 1 is to start you on your skin journey prior to the use of DMK homecare.

DMK Level 1 Treatments from $220

Level 2

Designed to address and revise skin conditions and bring the skin back into a healthier functioning state. These treatments support the changes in the skin without inflammation. Your therapist will determine which treatment will best suit your skin condition. The second phase in your skin journey, allows us to really treat the foundational cause. In order to move to this stage, home care must be followed through.

Lira Precise Peels from $149
DMK Level 2 Treatments from $260

Level 3

This is the final stage of your skin correction journey and your therapist will guide you into this phase. These treatments will address specific areas that require attention and Advance treatment. Clients must be on full homecare prescription and have had a series of level 2 treatments.

Lira Advance treatments from $250
DMK treatments from $340
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