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All our skin programs begin with a thorough consultation to better get to know your lifestyle, health and your skin concerns. At the time of your consultation, your therapist will prescribe you specific homecare products to support the skin and achieve the best results.


Acne severity can vary from person to person. Acne is a condition whereby the hair follicle becomes blocked by sebaceous oil and dead cells. There are a number of triggers and your therapist will discuss this at your initial consultation.

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Age Management

As we age the body’s natural cellular turnover starts to slow down, with the skin presenting with discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles and skin sag. This process can start as young as 30 and commonly known as premature ageing. Exposure to UV rays such as sunlight and tanning beds and accelerate the ageing process. Regular clinic treatment will help to reverse and slow the signs of ageing.

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Scarring occurs during the skins healing process. Scars may form as a result of infection, injury, tissue inflammation or surgery. The appearance of scars may only be improved but not completely erased. Treatment programs are created depending on the age and severity of the scarring.

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There are a number of triggers for the formation of pigment on the skin. These are inflammation, certainmedications, hormone imbalances, Hemochromatosis (iron overload), sun exposure and oxidativestress. Your therapist will assess what pigmentation trigger you have and treat accordingly.

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Reactive Skin

People with reactive skins usually present with red and inflamed skin. A number of triggers such as fragrances, dyes, reactions to chemicals, overly dry skin or an underlying condition such as Rosacea, dermatitis or psoriasis can trigger an inflammatory response. These treatments are designed to calm and strengthen the skin, to minimise the inflammatory response.

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